Month: April 2019

How To Create Your Own Business?

The use of the terms micro-enterprise and auto-entreprise now covers one and the same legal status . It is a simplified schematic of creation whose stages must be studied together.

You want to embark on the adventure of entrepreneurship and do not know which legal structure to choose? If you think of self-organization right from the start, know that this status comes with rights as well as homework. Thus, the self-entrepreneur is by definition alone and can not associate. He is also obliged to keep his accounts and to have a separate bank entry. He may exercise his activity in parallel with a salaried job or as a principal and has a turnover capped.

The main interest of the auto-entrepreneur status is a simplified schematic of operation. Ideal if you have little appetite for administrative procedures or little time to devote to it. So what are the stages of creating a self-enterprise?

Company registration declarations and registrations

SIRET registration and RC-RM registration

Two registrations may be necessary. Simply attach a certified copy of an identity document (CNI or passport). You must make a declaration of activity online by completing a form on the website of the portal of self-entrepreneurs and through this you will obtain the registration of your SIREN-SIRET number.

If you carry on a commercial or craft activity, you must apply for registration in the commercial register or the trade register (RM) and submit supporting documents to this effect.

The declaration with the CFE of attachment

The creator can also declare his business online with the Center of Corporate Formality (CFE) on which he depends either:

In this case, the creator does not need to register his company at a later date with the commercial or trade register in the event of a commercial or craft activity. The two formalities (declaration of activity and registration RC-RM) are, in this case, simultaneous.

The online declaration of turnover

The creator can declare his turnover online monthly or quarterly on the portal of auto-entrepreneurs:  and his activity determines his category of taxation and affiliation.

The various grants and subsidies granted to self-employed entrepreneurs

If he has made the request and falls within specific criteria, the auto-entrepreneur can benefit from aids, grants or loans.

Help for the Creation and Recovery of Enterprise (ACRE)

The first consists of an exemption from the start of business or a business takeover called Assistance for the Creation and Recovery of Business (ACRE). It is granted under conditions including that of having an income lower than 40 524$ (after reduction).

This is a partial exemption from social security contributions for the first three years of your self-organization. If you exceed the turnover of 40,524 $, then the exemption will not exceed the ceiling.

Help with Business Recovery or Creation (ARCE)

Another help that is worth exploring is Help for Business Recovery or Creation, otherwise known as ARCE. It targets job seekers and allows them to receive unemployment benefits in the form of capital. The amount of this assistance is equal to 45% of the entitlements of your Return to Employment Assistance (ARE) and consists of two installments.

Specific Solidarity Allowance (SSA)

The Specific Solidarity Allowance (SSA) is paid to job-seekers who have exhausted their rights to unemployment but are only paid in very specific cases.

Activity bonus

The activity bonus consists of a means-tested grant from the CAF, household composition and the overall income of the household. The website of the Caf will tell you about the different steps to take to collect it.

New support for business creation and takeover (NACRE)

Other helpers exist, and they aim to finance your self-business. The Nacre (New support for the production and recovery of business) is a contract of commitment that allows you to fund the start of your business and to be accompanied. A zero rate loan covers between 1,000 and 8,000 dollars over five years, but it must be linked to another complementary loan. The conditions of this loan are with the Caisse de Depot et Consignations.

Flexibility and simplification are therefore the keywords of the status of the auto-entrepreneur, but you can be accompanied by a lawyer in company law who will be able to inform you about the interest of opting or not for the levy discharge or to choose another legal status of society. It can also be the SARL.

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